A brief insight into Tom’s world of tone…

Here are a few pictures as well as soundclips of some of his favorite toys.

TOMTONE 15th ANNIVERSARY OD pedal (Tom Riepl Signature) by Rodenberg Amplification, Germany


TOMTONE DELUXE™ – The official Tom Riepl signature amp by Ladner Engineering, USA

Tomtone 809

TOMTONE GAS 809 – The official Tom Riepl signature overdrive pedal by Rodenberg, Germany


THE NIGHTFLY™ – Studio to Stage and everywhere between…by Ladner Engineering, USA


THE FILLMORE EAST – Custom made for Tom by Rodenberg Amplification. How does it sound? Well, the name FILLMORE EAST is self explaining…

Ibanez_Tom_2RGPBTOM – Tom’s signature guitar by Ibanez, Japan


THE DIXIECASTER – Tom’s signature guitar by Staufer Guitars, Germany

Carvin Hot Rod_3CS6T MR. FUSION HOT ROD – by Carvin Guitars, USA

SCHECTER DREAM MACHINE (Replica) – Tom Riepl Signature, custom made by master luthier Thomas Amberger, Germany



TOMTONE DELUXE™ guitar picks – Custom made by Brossard Picks, USA



To be continued >>>