‘On The Pier’ is an instrumental tune written and performed by Tom Riepl & friends © 2012. The song appears on Tom’s album PLAY>, a funky groovin’ soulful blues-y piece of music.

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This is the title track from Tom Riepl’s album ‘Radio Moonlight’, written & performed by Tom Riepl © 2006.

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This is a track from Tom Riepl’s album ‘Hollymood’, written & performed by Tom Riepl © 2002.
“Instrumental Guitar Rock at it’s very best…” (Musikexpress Magazine 06/2002). 

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Hi folks, have a great day!
Statesboro Blues
Schecter Dream Machine ❤️
Martin HD-28
Outdoor bathtub with style! Van Halen style…
The Blues Lighters playing delightful Blues from the last century, as well as Jessica, Layla, and other assorted love songs…
Tom & Lee Ritenour 2022
Take a break...
Culture Award Winner Of The County Of Regen
On stage with the Hill Valley Orchestra
The Nightfly
At the 2 a.m. Club in Mill Valley
Feelin‘ the Blues
Maui, HI
Eat A Peach
Gibson Firebird
Lee Ritenour & Tom in L.A.
Ramblin‘ Man
Too cool for school...
Tom w/The Hill Valley Orchestra
Dave Jenkins, Jaime Kyle  & Tom
Newport Beach, CA
Universal Studios Hollywood 2001
Play> Autograph Card
Tom & Huey Lewis 2002
Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, Hill Valley, Nov/12/1955
KWMR Radio, Marin County, CA
Tom w/The McFly Brothers
Live in Munich
Circus Krone, Munich
On the cover of Vintage Guitar News
John McLaughlin & Tom
At the Allman Brothers’ Big House in Macon, GA
Brannen Temple, Red Young, Quintin Berry, Tom, Rick Hirsch
Arrested for driving while blind...
Oneida James (bass player with Joe Cocker) & Tom
The Cayenne Brothers Band
Visiting Mesa Boogie in Petaluma, CA
Tom with Mike Bendinelli of Mesa Boogie
Tom‘s beloved 1983 Mesa Boogie MK II-C amplifier
The McFly Brothers in Mendocino (with Barry Volk & Grey Shepard)
Back to Hollywood with 88 mph
Tom & Doc Brown
Quintin Berry & Tom
Tom with DC & Andrew of Ladner Engineering
Tom & Rick Hirsch 1953
Tom & Huey at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA
Back to the ’50s
Robert Johnson’s actual gravesite in Qiuto, Mississippi...
Ibanez promo card 2000
Lee, Uli Rodenberg & Tom, Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009
Tom & Marilyn
Jamming with Scott Wilkie in Seal Beach, CA
Tom & Jim Marshall somewhere in England, 1995
Huey plays...
DC Ladner & Tom  in front of B.B. King’s tour bus, Indianola, Mississippi
Musikmesse Frankfurt 2000
With DC Ladner at the B.B. King Bluesmarker in Itta Bena, Mississippi
Lee Ritenour & Tom in Munich
Waiting for the bus in Mobile, AL
Robben Ford & Tom
Lee Ritenour & Tom in L.A.
At the Carvin factory in San Diego, CA
Tom & Peter Atanasoff (guitar player with the Paul Butterfield Band)
Tom w/Gibson ES-345
Australian singer Jenn Allas & Tom
Lee Ritenour & Tom in Melbourne, Australia
Tom & Peter Diezel
@Studio H20 with Quintin Berry & Rick Hirsch
Ramblin’ Man w/Gibson SG
Missing-O-Love Band
Louisianna Hot Rod
Tom & Magdalena in Concert 2008
Full House Band
Huey & Tom
Tom & Stef Burns
Tom & Rick Hirsch in West Hollywood
Tomtone Deluxe by Ladner Engineering
Interview on Top FM106.4
Andy Timmons & Tom
A message to Tom from Tommy Emmanuel
Willy Astor & Tom
The “Roland” Gang, Musikmesse Frankfurt 1997
The original Cayenne Brothers Band
The Tom Riepl Band 1991
Visiting the Sun Studios in Memphis, TN
Sun Studios Memphis, TN
Tom w/Marshall & Music Man
Tom w/Double Fun Unlimited in the ‘80s
Back in the ‘80s with Mesa Boogie and Gibson ES-335
Uncle Ernie 1994
Out In The Green 1980
Tom's 1st Band: Uncle Ernie 1979
Tom on stage 1979
Tom and his first guitar 1973
Little Tommy 1964
Hi folks, have a great day!