Mojo Hand FX

Mojo Hand is happy to welcome Tom Riepl from Regen, Germany to our endorser list! On a recent trip,Tom bought a Mojo Hand Extra Special and wrote in to tell us this…

“This pedal nails the Dumble tone pretty perfect as far as I can tell. It is really transparent, responsive and very touch sensitive especially with an ES-335. I’ve also noticed that the tone doesn’t thin out at higher notes beyond the 12th fret which is often a problem with other overdrive pedals. As for the voicing switch, I dig the Jazz setting a lot and there’s also a nice breakup with the Rock position. Who could ask for more!? The Extra Special is right up my alley, a perfect match for my playing style. I love it and I will use it for upcoming recording sessions as well as for Live performances. Just wanted to let y’all know…”

Thank you again Tom for offering to help spread the word!!


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